Woman Warrior Bracelet

$ 39

You are a modern woman. You are dynamic. You are somewhere between helping others, watching your kids, finishing work, cooking dinner, and slaying your goals, and you bring it every day of the week. You are confident. You believe in yourself. You turn CANNOT into WILL. You know your worth. And others know it too. You compete with yourself to be the best you. You start styles. You change the system. You forge paths. You are mentally tough. You seek challenges. You realize that they only make you stronger, more resilient. When you think you are too tired. Too weak. Too broken. Done. You know you are only 40% done. You are a Woman Warrior. Be One


  • 18k Gold plated brass
  • 6.5" half circle shaped cuff with approximately 1" opening 
  • Adjustable, one size fits most
  • Engraved with I AM A WOMAN WARRIOR and Stella Valle logo

Stella Valle bracelets were designed for one size to fit most - about 95% of women. They are made of an exclusive brass metal alloy that allows them to be flexible and adjustable.

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